How to reduce exam stress?

Examinations are a crucial part of the education system. It brings along a lot of stress as a student is judged as per his or her marks. Over the years, several studies have been made to help students deal with this issue in the most convenient and easy manner. Here is a list of activities or strategies that a student can implement to reduce or negate the adverse effects of exam stress.

Understanding what leads to stress:

  • Low motivation
  • No preparation or planning
  • Very high expectations from family
  • Peer pressure

What do students do to combat stress?

Listen to Music: Listening to music brings a positive change in the minds of students. It helps them calm down and their environment stats feeling happier. Classical music is recommend as it boosts the brain. However, ambient music can also work. Try avoiding rock or loud or peppy music as it changes the mood altogether and the desire to study is changed to a desire to party.

Take a stroll: Sitting with your books for a long time and starting at the book pages does not do much help. In fact, talking brief walks at regular intervals helps the brain to relax and re-energize. A walk acts like an exercise for the brain and gives it the boost it requires after seamless hours of studying.

Planning Study Routine: A personal study plan is extremely important. Just like school classes, it is advisable to create study routine for home. As a student you become clear of what you have to do next. There is no confusion as to which subject to study or which chapter to start learning.

Bubble wrap & Dogs: Playing with dogs is therapeutic. Also, busting bubble wraps helps in venting out frustration and anxiety. Busting bubble wrap has been considered to be an efficient stress buster. A student will be able to focus on his studies post that.

Sleep well: Never underestimate the power of a proper night’s sleep. If you don’t sleep well you are bound to become cranky. A sound sleep helps your brain to relax and refill with the required energy. People who sleep
properly on a regular basis generally have a better memory and are able to concentrate well.

Mobile Application: There are several mobile apps that help you improve the quality of life. You can keep a track of your life, time spend, calories consumed, sleep. Also, there are applications for learning new stuff or applications that help you learn in a creative and fun way.

Dark Chocolate: Yes, it is proven that dark chocolates, which are filled with cocoa, help fiht stress hormones and provide an overall relaxing effect on the body. Also, chocolates are famous to release endorphins which are again natural stress fighter.

Distractions: Take one day to list down all the distractions that come your way. Henceforth, try to keep them at bay.

Hope the above points help you to relax better and combat stress during exams. To know all about colleges and courses in India, write to info@ejiway.com

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