Advantages and disadvantages of Group Study

Exams are approaching. Your books are calling you. It is study time, guys! Here are 3 ways to study:

  • Study alone
  • A teacher teaching you
  • Group Study

Each of these above forms of study have their own pros and cons. In this article we will demystify the advantages and disadvantages of studying in a group.

Advantages of Group Study:

  • If you study in a group, the healthy competition that arises every second encourages you to study hard. Therefore, group study is an amazing way to motivate a student to study.
  • On most occasions, people study with their pals of the same age group and statue. As human beings, we are most comfortable sharing information and exchanging concepts with the people of the same standing. There is a feeling of acceptance not judging, which is most required while is studying. There are no apprehensions while discussing problems.
  • There is a sense of friendship and people tend to help the poor or weaker student. This also helps in revising lessons.
  • When 5 different people gather on the same platform, newer and better ideas automatically take birth. Nurturing such ideas becomes easy for everyone in the group.
  • The tiring and time-consuming activity of preparing notes can be shared equally among pals. Everyone in the group can take up one responsibility. This will help in getting in-depth knowledge about a topic or topics.

Disadvantages of Study Groups

  • If everyone in the group is not committed towards sharing responsibilities, then the aura of studying is disturbed. This demotivates everyone in the group.
  • Negativity in one pal will spread instantly among all the members of the group. For example, if there is a difficult subject that needs to be dealt with and one member shows negative attitude towards it, then the moral of everyone will get down.
  • Many students feel that studying in groups means not requiring studying alone. This is a great misconception. No matter how much group study you do, you have to revise the lessons in solidarity. Else, you will forget the lessons and won’t be able to remember them when you sit for examinations. After all, you will have to write your papers alone.
  • The success of group study is dependent on the collaborative effort of all the members. This is the reason why it is always said to choose ones group carefully. When one person in the group starts remaining absent or does not show much of an interest, the others tend to garner the same low energy.
  • You cannot leave studying along and you cannot afford to skip classroom lessons. Additionally, if you opt for group study, you will be left with very little time to rejuvenate and have fun in life.

These were some of the pros and cons of studying in a group. Group study has been found to be fruitful and will remain to be so. It is up to the student to enjoy the benefits keeping the cons aside. For news and information pertaining to courses taught in the colleges of India, you can write to

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