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Career Option after 12th Arts

Are you an arts student and confused what to do after passing class 12? Then this article is surely for you! Read on to know the myriad of choices that an art student can choose from after his or her board exams.

  • A. – There are a number of courses in Bachelor of Arts which are majorly for tenure of 3 years. A student can specialize in various areas such as Politics, Geography, Sociology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Hindi, English, Archaeology, History, Social Work etc.

  • B.A. - Most colleges in India offer the Bachelor of Business Administration course for a period of 3 years.

  • M.S. – The Bachelor of Management Science is a 3 years course.

  • F.A. – This is the Bachelor of Fine Arts course. The course spans for a period of 3 years.

  • H.M. – The Bachelor of Hotel Management Course is a very popular new age course. You have various certificate, diploma, and degree courses to opt for.

  • E.M. – Bachelor of Event Management is again a new age course which is gaining popularity day by day. Several colleges in India offer certificate, diploma, and degree courses in Event Management.

  • A+L.L.B. - The integrated Law Course garners huge number of applications every year. It is a total of 5 years.

  • J.M.C – Stands of Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication. A course that delves in media studies like advertising, marketing, journalism, public relations, cyber (Internet) and all the other modes of communication. The bachelors are of 3 years.

  • F.D. – Love designs? Then the 4 year Bachelor in Fashion Designing Course is for you.

  • El.Ed. – Bachelors in Elementary Education, a course of 4 years, is a nice choice.

  • P.Ed. – Love exercising and being fit? Want make a career in it? Then the Bachelor in Physical Education course of 1 year makes sense to you.

  • El.Ed. – This is the diploma version of Elementary Education which is of 3 years.

  • SW. – If working for the good is your motto in life then you have the Bachelors in Social Work to pursue. It is a 3 year course.

  • Animation and Multimedia – A thriving and booming course that is in high demand today. The courses vary from 6 months certificate to 1 year diploma to 3 years bachelors.

  • R.M. – Bachelors in Retail Management involves uncompromising learning of merchandising stuff.

  • Aviation – Have always wanted to fly high? Here’s a viable option for you to touch the sky and make a career. You have the luxury to choose from the myriad of options in the aviation industry. You have air ticketing, cabin crew, and ground staff to name a few.

  • B.S – This Bachelor of Business Studies is a traditional course of 3 years. People interested to go for MBA or have a knack for business, generally study BBA.

  • T.T.M. – The tourism industry is ever thriving and flourishing. A Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management is helpful in getting an entry into the industry.

These were a few among the host of career options that an art student can pursue after his or her class 12. If you have any specific query regarding colleges or courses in India, shoot a mail to and you will get your answer in no time. For all the latest news of colleges and courses in India, keep an eye on

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